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1.    Unique Genetics

        The Spanish Warmblood is the development of a PURE breed to produce the genetic stability to carry into future generations.

2.    Dependability - it covers all three points
        Temperament | Attitude     -        Dependability
        Soundness                                 -        Dependability
        Ability | Talent                       -        Dependability

        In the genetic pool we have only used horses which have great temperaments and are sound.

3.     We GUARANTEE Our  Product
            This means that we will GUARANTEE the temperament of the Yardah progeny.

    It is your the horse's attitude, not your his aptitude will determine your his (the horse) altitude.    
                                                                                                                                                                    Marji's trope on Zig Ziglar quote.

4.    We offer awesome After Sales Service.

5.    Bone is sufficient for the weight of the Horse

6.    Horse Riders from Around the World Speak about the Spanish Warmblood Breed Click here

Qualities of the Spanish Warmblood
The Spanish Warmblood breed developed by Yardah is unique in comparison to any existing breed; it combines substance, sensitivity, athleticism, refinement, excellent temperament and long-term soundness of body and mind.  Their mental balance, intelligence, desire to work, and harmony of form give the breed an extraordinary capacity for collection, making them particularly suitable for the classical training method which is fast growing in popularity.

They have strength, stamina, true paces with good rhythm, elastic backs which produce powerful yet soft movement.  Good range of speed, balance and flexibility. They have compact power, flexibility & range of motion. They can lighten their front end to engage, jump and spin.  Some of the individuals are taller or shorter than the breed average, but they are otherwise correct to breed type.

These horses have great presence of mind, tremendous generosity and personality, all matched with manageability. Manageability is a breed characteristic that they must have, whether stallion, mare or gelding.

From birth they must show willingness to engage with people. They can be handled by a variety of people with different levels of expertise.  When in training they stay focused and learn.  Whatever their personality, "gentleman", "dude" or "dignified" they are kind affectionate workers with tremendous capacity to develop relationships with individual riders.   While their presence makes them larger than life and they retain their spirit, they are compliant.

This Breed is based on the Spanish Andalusian and Thoroughbred with a small infusion of Approved Warmblood lines.

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The Spanish Warmblood Breed is regulated by The International Spanish Warmblood Horse Association.  
Further details of this Not for Profit Association can be found on the website www.spanishwarmblood.com  -
Marji - the person who had the vision.

Marji's background & inspirations

Through her life, Marji has been inspired by many historical characters who like her, thought out of the box.

Click here to read some of Marji's life & some of the people whose stories provided her with motivation.
To be, or not to be -- that is the question ---------
An exercise in contemplation. What do I want in a horse?  How do I get it?

Click the image and spend a moment to focus your ideas.

Marjorie J Armstrong 2014
Yardah Stud
Yardah stud has three distinct bloodlines.
SW - Spanish Warmblood
AA - Australian Andalusian
PRE - Pura Raza Espanola
A.I. It is our vision to have the Yardah genetics available to the World.

Later we will consider how to send these genetics out to the Universe!
We must wonder if there are other riders somewhere else in the Universe???  Just a thought .....
Of course we are proud that this little Western Australian outback stud has been able to be successful in Australia, but also in U.K. and Europe.


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