Yardah Tutto Benne
Yardah on
Breed:                 Spanish Warmblood (second generation)
DOB:                20 October 1999
Sex:                     Stallion
Colour:               Grey
Height:                16.0 hh
Sire:                     Yardah Espirit
Dam:                    Yardah Gimella

Original ancestors: Dulcero | Folly | Tonjo
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A floating canter.  Think rocking horse.

Very kind and generous.

Expressive Trot & fabulous Canter, Shoulder-in, Half-pass, Counter canter.

In-hand: Shoulder-in, Turn-on-the-forehand & Pirouette. Piaffe
Long reining & lungeing

His name means "everything's good" in Italian

Pedigree Certificate (click to enlarge)
Sibling - Yardah Challenge
This lovely stallion has put his imprint on the breed.  He has produced progeny which I call a "useful horse."
Marjorie J Armstrong 2014
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