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What does "Lock In" the Price mean?
In addition, we will be offering that if people want to "lock in" the price of the breeding, they will be given the option to make a deposit and that will be the price at whatever that particular price is.
i.e.  If the price for 2015 is $950 aud and you place a $240aud deposit you will get the the $950 fee even if it has changed at that year.
So, if the fee in 2016 is $1,250aud you will still get it at the 2015 rate of $950.
If you do not "Lock In" in 2015 but decide in 2016 to make a deposit of  $310 to "lock in" the price of $1,250 (AND the 2 for 1) even if in 2020 the fee is $3,000.  As taking the "lock in" deposit means that you will enjoy the particular year's prices and can take the semen whatever year works for you.  Of course, any other expenses such as shipping, etc will be at the current rates.

What Reports are needed from the Vet for Negative Pregnancy and Life Foal Guarantee?
Each stud will have their own T. & C. and have different reports needed from the Veterinarian to support claims for Negative Pregnancy and/or Life Foal Guarantee.  You will need to confirm that you adhere to the T.& C. for the stud you use. As you can see, this amazing offer is generous with special guarantees. There will be meticulous reporting to claim the guarantees.

What if I want to use two different Stallions?
That is possible.  If there are different fees for the two stallions, it will be deemed that the more expensive stallion is the prime service.  The "Freebie" will be the in parity or less than the other stallion.
ie. For example.  If in 2015 Espirit is $950 and Muqali is $850.  Espirit will be considered to be the "prime" service and the fee will be $950 with the free service to Muqali.  Not the other way round.

What if my friend wants to take one of the breedings?
That is okay, but it must be clearly understood, that this voucher is for one person.  It is your choice to give one of the services away.  However, the I.S.W.H.A. and the relevant stud providing the services will be between the voucher holder and the stud.  The contracts and any discussions in regard to the supply of the semen is with the Voucher holder.

Can the semen be sent to two different localities?
We cannot see any problem with that.  There will of course be greater shipping expenses and possible logistic challenges.  We would suggest that the semen is shipped to one veterinarian and then it is distributed from there.

If I chose a stallion now, but when I want to book the breeding the stallion is not available?
Yardah offers the services from its stallions in good faith but makes no guarantee that semen from your selected stallion will be available for either AI and/or live cover in the future.

If I have paid a deposit or full payment and the horse is no longer available will I get a refund?
If the horse is not available for any reason a refund will be issued.
If I have chosen a different stallion for the "freebie" will I be given a refund?
If the prime stallion is available but the second different stallion is no longer available, you will be offered the option to choose a second breeding from the prime stallion or an alternate available stallion.  As the second breeding has not been paid for, there will be no refund.

What if the semen is no good?
All semen will be professionally collected, tested and stored under strict laboratory conditions and is certified as 'viable' prior to leaving the laboratory.

What if something happens during the transporting of the semen?
We are not responsible for the semen after it leaves the laboratory.  We suggest that people insure the shipment.  Using a specialist shipper is important.

Are all the Stallions fertile?
All the stallions standing at stud currently have live foals on the ground and are proven breeders. Not all stallions have been collected and frozen.  They will be tested

What are the requisites to claim a Live Foal Guarantee?
As a condition of the live foal guarantee, our breeding contracts require veterinary certificates at various stages during the pregnancy.  The breeding contract requires the mare owner to submit the results of an initial pregnancy check as well as a pregnancy check at 45 days' gestation.  In addition, a veterinarian must certify that the mare has aborted or that the foal died before standing and nursing.  These certificates are required to be submitted within 7 days.  The mare owner must administer any vaccinations specified to the mare at various stages of her pregnancy. If the mare owner does not provide adequate evidence that the vaccinations were administered, Yardah Stud may refuse to honour the live foal guarantee.
If the mare fails to produce a live foal from the breeding, the stallion owner will breed the same mare again without charging another stud fee.
If for any reason the stallion is not available for stud services we will offer an alternate stallion if possible. The Live Foal Guarantee does not give refunds.
If you rebreed your mare during the second breeding season and she becomes pregnant the live foal guarantee does not apply.

Who is responsible for the Veterinary expenses, agistment?
This voucher DOES NOT include any associated costs of breeding.  i.e. Storage of Transport of semen, Veterinary expenses, hand serving costs or agistment and handling costs of mares.

Answering more FAQ see 3 of 4
Answering more FAQ see 3 of 4
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