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Yardah is in the process of obtaining the licences necessary to export semen to Europe and North America

The F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) page which we hope will answer you queries.  If not send us a message.
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What do you mean by After Sales Service?

How do I go into the Survey - Expressions of Interest?
Easy. Just click on this link.  Do it!  There is no obligation, but there is an awesome voucher as a thank you to everyone who goes into it. Click on the image and that will take you to the Survey. 

Read more

When are you sending the Survey Vouchers?
Who is conducting the Survey - Expressions of Interest?
Why do the  I.S.W.H.A. want to conduct this Survey - Expressions of Interest?
Who is supplying genetics for the voucher?
What does the voucher look like?
Where can I see the Terms & Conditions?
What differences are there between using a Voucher and the Yardah normal T. & C.
As it says on the Voucher you will get one free breeding.  That means that you will get the same conditions for 2 breedings as you would get for for the cost of one breeding. Read more
What is a Positive Pregnancy?
In addition, each stud will offer a Positive Pregnancy.  You must check the T.& C. of each stud.  Read more
What is the definition of a Live Foal?
Our definition is a Live Foal which survives the first 24 hours from birth.
What is a Life Foal Guarantee?
The Life Foal Guarantee means that we will ship another 2 doses for ONE pregnancy to replace the lost foal. Read more
What does it mean that the Voucher will be valid until 2020?
What does "Lock In" the Price mean?
What Reports are needed from the Vet for Negative Pregnancy and Life Foal Guarantee?
What if I want to use two different Stallions?
What if my friend wants to take one of the breedings?
Can the semen be sent to two different localities? 
If I chose a stallion now, but when I want to book the breeding the stallion is not available?
If I have paid a deposit or full payment and the horse is no longer available will I get a refund?
What if the semen is no good?
What if something happens during the transporting of the semen?
Are all the Stallions fertile?
What are the requisites to claim a Live Foal Guarantee?
Who is responsible for the Veterinary expenses, agistment?


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