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Breed:               Spanish Warmblood (foundation)
DOB:               20 October 1999
Sex:                    Mare
Colour:              Bay
Height:             15.3 hh
Sire:                  Yardah Espirit
Dam:                  Tonjo

Original ancestors: Dulcero | Folly | Tonjo

Consistently produces quality progeny.  As this mare is 75% Thoroughbred with 25% Andalusian, she crosses with the stallions with more Andalusian. This allows the progeny to bring back towards the "ideal" mix of 40% Andalusian and 40% Thoroughbred balance that we are seeking in the Spanish Warmblood horses.

Due to our life at the time Challenge & Tutto Bene were not handled until they were 1 yr old.  Challenge was a "challenge" until she was realise that there are prices for behaviour.

Lanky got into the paddock and got the mother and daughter on the same day and had them on the same day!

Pedigree Certificate (click to enlarge)
Sibling - Tutto Benne

Dam of:
Yardah Flaminka
Yardah Welsh Hero
Yardah Matador
Yardah Akina
Yardah Bianca

Marjorie J Armstrong 2014
Yardah Stud
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