Our business is training "people" on how to manage, educate and train horses. We achieve this by offering a variety of "On Campus" courses at Yardah, tailored to the individuals needs.  Although clients may bring their own horses, many of the horses used are owned and have been bred by Marji Armstrong. 

The objectives of the courses are to introduce a system of horsemanship based on classic dressage principals.  These principals are clear, logical, understandable and most of all - achievable. 

The programmes stress the concepts of:

lightness without abandonment, harmony, softness, strength and obedience. 

These principals and concepts are of value to any rider regardless of their discipline, level of skill or ambition.

Marji and her staff will act as consultants and facilitators throughout the training process and provide the client with the knowledge and tools required to proceed with further training and development of their horses.

The clinics and immersion programmes conducted at Yardah involve an accelerated learning experience exploring many facets of horsemanship.  They include: training philosopies, ridden work, ground skills and early handling development, lunging and work in-hand.

We pride ourselves on offering a high level of professional and safe training and whilst not insisting on glamour we do endeavour to uphold the high standards reflected by our professional attitude and training philosophy.

We also host an international association dedicated to the Classical Training Philosophies. Members of this organization are provided with the opportunity to connect with a growing number of like-minded individuals from around the globe to share information and ideas.

For more details on clinics look at the Classical Horsemastership International website

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