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Click here for pdf file to download.  Not yet. 31 March 2015
In the meantime, most questions are answered in the FAQ
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Our Normal Terms & Conditions will be uploaded by 31 January 2015.  This will cover our Live Foal Guarantee.  Negative pregnancy. Shipping, etc.

A table for our fees for  2015 breeding year will be listed .

But until we can get the full Terms & Conditions uploaded here is a "thumbnail sketch."

When frozen semen is shipped we will provide sufficient straws for 2 breedings.  If the mare has a positive pregnancy from the first insemination and has a live foal the other semen must either destroyed or paid for. However as we offer a Life Foal Guarantee we ask that you keep the second dose until the foal has successfully arrived.

Life Foal Guarantee - A live foal is one  which survives 24 hours after born.

Positive Pregnancy.  The mare is tested positive up to 40 days from service.

As part of our protocol for testing the stallions and freezing with microscopy testing. We will check that a pregnancy is also viable.
For the purpose of checking that the semen is viable, the "guinea pig" mare will be tested between to 18 - 40 days.

Sometimes we will alter the Terms & Conditions as part of a promotion or a special offer.  In these cases, please read any extraordinary terms on either our blog, by email or the Spanish Warmblood website.

For instance, the Expressions of Interest Survey that we are conducting in November 2014/January 2015 is a special offer.  Having a special purpose, there are additional benefits to people wanting to breed these horses. People who are entitled to this promotion will be issued with a voucher.

As the Expressions of Interest Survey is being conducted by I.S.W.H.A. the special conditions will be listed there.
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Many questions will be answered in the FAQ section.  If not please contact us direct.
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