Yardah Ancestors

Dulcero - founding stallion

Yardah on
Sadly some of our horses which have influenced the genetic programme no longer with us.

Yardah Bella Donna

Yardah Crystal
Yardah Ximenez
Marjorie J Armstrong 2014
Yardah Stud


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Belle had a huge impact in our breeding program.
She deserves to be acknowledged.

Hopefully we can get her full story and give it to you. It would not matter what her history was, she was a wonderful mare and made great babies. Her great grandson has gone to New Zealand.
She was given to us by Audrey Summer to make some babies.  Prior to Audrey she came from (we think) Frankland. 
We understand that she was from a special line of horses developed by a man wanting very strong, sensible horses.
Updating & Developing Regularly
Fundada  - Foundation Mare of the Breed
Yardah Folly - Foundation Mare of the Breed